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We have a place for every member of the family at IBC. We leave no one out. Each ministry is designed to minister to them in the season of life they are currently in. They also offer a community of believers for them to plug in to and enjoy life with. Find a ministry for each part of your family today!

IBC Students

IBC Students is about building disciples of Jesus. With a strong emphasis on the preaching of the word of God, your students are taught how to navigate the struggles of the teenage life as a follower of Jesus. Your teen will have access to all types of summer programs, events, conferences, and camps to help stimulate their spiritual growth.

Wednesday Nights @ 7:00
Service Teams

There are many places for you to serve at IBC. We value your talents and believe that God gifted them to you to use for his service. We want to give you an opportunity to use those talents at our church. We have services teams ranging from greeters, media, worship, video, audio, and just about any aspect of church in between.

Food Bank

IBC desires to serve those who are struggling and having trouble providing for their family. This is the purpose of our food bank. This is a valuable ministry to our church that provides food and basic commodities to members of our community who struggle to provide them for themselves. 

*** This institution is an equal opportunity provider ***

IBC Kids

IBC Kids is all about seeing your child take their first steps in their walk with Jesus. The singing, the games, and the lessons are all done with the purpose of kids coming to know Christ as their savior and learning what it means to be one of his followers.

Wednesday Nights @ 7:00
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IBC Young Adults

IBC Young Adults prioritizes the instruction of the word of God while navigating the challenges of marriage, the workplace, and starting a family. We also value the community of having people who are going through the same things around us. That is what you will find at IBC young adults, Jesus lovers who will be with you as you go through this stage of your life.

Sunday School

Sunday school at IBC is designed around the instruction of the word of God. We value community of people in similar life stages. We think this combination makes for helpful classes that teach us how to honor God in whatever part of life we are in. There is a Sunday school class for any time in life. 

Sundays @ 9:30
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