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We have a place for every member of the family. We adhere to all government guidelines but we don't let them stop us from being a church! 



Mid-week gatherings are back! At 7:00, our Kids, Students, and Adults will be meeting together again. Kids will be upstairs in our kids facility, Students will be in the Epperson Center, and Adults will be in the old fellowship hall. We will ensure that social distancing and safety guidelines are followed during these gatherings!

Scheduled for: Wednesday Nights @ 7:00

Location: IBC Campus

Reach Month Homes.jpg

iGroups have paused for the craziness of summer months, but will be resuming shortly! You can sign up for an iGroup any time by clicking the "Join" box below. iGroups is the perfect place to find community, discipleship, security, in-depth bible study, and fellowship in our growing church!

Scheduled for: Every other Sunday night @ 5:00

Location: Host Homes

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